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Wide Range Of Battery Services

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Jefferson Battery Company Inc. offers a number of services to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Name Brand Manufacturers

All of our products are from the best brands on the market. This ensures we offer our customers the highest quality items for the best prices. We have every size and type of battery, including AAA, AA, C, D, 4.5 volt, 9-volt, 6-volt, and several others to fit anything from your watch to your car.

Wholesale & Retail Batteries

We offer wholesale and retail priced batteries and can get you the best deal based on your needs. Wholesale batteries are available for commercial applications and those that require large quantities. We can also offer you wholesale priced batteries based on current inventory, the type of battery you need, and the purpose for the battery. Talk to our staff to see our current battery supplies. If you need a brand or type that is out of stock, we can order it for you.

Large and Small Fleets

If you are a business with a few or several commercial vehicles, we work with large and small fleets to get you the batteries you need. We have batteries for cars, vans, pick-up trucks, busses, semi-trucks and trailers, and machines such as tractors, lawn mowers, drills, weed wackers, and any other small tool or machinery. If you need something simple such as a car battery or a specialized battery for an industry specific robotic machine, our staff can find it for you.

Home Alarm Systems

Keep your home safe and sound by ensuring the alarm works and replacing the battery. We have batteries to fit designs from all major home security companies.


Do you enjoy the mobility of working on your laptop without the cord? If you find yourself losing power quickly (or if your current battery isn’t working at all), you need a new one and Jefferson Battery Company has them. We have laptop batteries to fit most regular size and notebook size laptops, batteries that last longer for a better price.

Batteries for Any Application

We have batteries in our inventory for virtually any application! This includes the medical field, marine batteries, military vehicles, university and corporate supplies (such as electronics), automotive and heavy machinery batteries, computers, back-up systems, digital cameras and camcorders, and finally, smart phones, PDAs, tablets, and all mobile devices.

High Quality Products From The Industry's Best Brands

Jefferson Battery Company Inc. in Jefferson, Louisiana carries high quality products from the industry’s best brands. We work with individual and business customers, providing batteries for their everyday life, their vehicles, and their business operations. Each battery is backed with an extensive warranty; in the event that you get a defective battery, we can replace it for you. Listed below are most of the product brands we carry. Click on the logo to view more information about each of them.

Crown Battery
Yuasa Batteries
Motorcross Batteries
Empire Scientific
Power Products
Schumacher Electric
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